It’s hard to tell our Truth. It’s hard to open up to someone, especially if that person is close to us.

Fear runs through us at the thought of resistance.

The fear that the other person won’t listen, or worse, will listen, disagree with what we say, halts us from speaking out.

Opening up about something we’re ashamed of, makes us feel like we’re unloveable.

There’s plenty of justifications and reasons we come up with to not speak our Truth. It’s terrifying because we feel like we become vulnerable. Opening our hearts terrifies us. We wish for comfort and acceptance. Yet, we fear judgment.

I’ve learned these 3 lessons that make it easier for you to speak your Truth.

1. Speaking your Truth is for you, not them.

One of the biggest aspects I’ve learned about speaking our Truth is that it’s not for other people. Yes, we may want to bring some change into the world. Yes, we wish other people would hear us and accept us. But the power of telling your Truth, doesn’t come from someone listening, it comes simply from speaking it.

The moment you speak your Truth, a shift happens inside of you. You discover and expand your power. If we don’t speak out Truth, we won’t ever grow. We won’t heal. And that isn’t dependent on how the person we’re speaking to responds to us. So speak, and speak loudly.

2. Gives you an opportunity to heal

When you speak your Truth, you enter a moment of Presence. Telling our Truth is important, and because of that, we begin experiencing a lot of sensations.

We may experience the anxiety of how it will turn out. Our hearts may be faster. We may start sweating, get nauseous, feel joy, excitement, nervousness, disappointment, and 100 other things.

They all have their purpose.

Be totally present as these sensations are running through your body. This will give you the ability to feel through these sensations, and when you do that, you heal, you grow, and you become stronger.

3. Loosen your attachment to positive and negative opinions

When we listen to positive feedback, we can become addicted. By opening up to positive feedback, we are susceptible to negative feedback. When we internalize positive feedback, we also internalize negative feedback. We need to let both forms of feedback, positive and negative, pass right through us.

Pay attention to what people say, but don’t attach any of your identity to either the good or bad things people say. If you don’t hear the good, you won’t hear the bad either. Stay neutral. Lean into the good things people say, but don’t jump into it completely. Lean into the bad things people say, but don’t jump into it completely. By doing that, you’ll be able to speak your Truth no matter what happens because of it.

As you can see, these are some reasons as to why you can speak your Truth even when you have fear and doubt. Speak your Truth. Heal yourself. And don’t attach.




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