“The heart that gives, gathers.” Lao Tzu

We all go through suffering. We’re all put through situations in our lives that we want to get out of. Things so intolerable that all we want is an exit.

Well, I’m here today to give you a small solution that can help you get out of that suffering.

Usually, when we’re suffering, we want to receive something that will help us get out of our pain. Whether that’s medicine, an ideology, or something that can just make the pain go away.

This is one source of how our suffering actually starts.

By constantly looking outside of ourselves for answers and solutions, we put ourselves in the hands of the unknown, just hoping something will happen to help us. But soon, that hope turns to fear, and despair, if nothing happens to show up.

What I’m going to tell you will put the power back in your hands, and allow you to find peace no matter what you’re going through.

The answer is one word.

Give, even if you only have a little. -Buddhism Proverb



Let me tell you why you should give even if you feel like you have nothing to give because of your suffering.

We see the good within us.

When we give, we acknowledge that we are the ones that have something, not the unknown.

We recognize everything inside of ourselves when we give.  We recognize our compassion, our kindness, our resources, our ability, our empathy, everything that’s necessary to transform our suffering.


Actions take you out of thought.


When we give, no matter how little, whether we give a compliment, or buy someone a house, we recognize the love inside of ourselves. It also puts us in the moment and allows us to engage with something other than our suffering.

Thought is where suffering exists. Most of the time. 9/10 we’re not suffering because of the physical sensations going on in our body, and even if we are, our thoughts make the physical sensations that we’re going through worse.

Takes your focus away from suffering.


Giving also allows us to focus on something besides ourselves. When we’re wondering how we can best give to another, we’re thinking of their likes, their interests, what would help them out, and this also gets us in a positive headspace.


With this reasoning, we should always be in a giving mood, whether we’re feeling good or bad that day, giving will only help you out. And as always, this is about our journey and growth, so during this process, always self-reflect and listen to what your experiences are trying to tell you. This way you’re not just giving to others, but giving to yourself as well.

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