We’ve all had times in our lives where we’re doing so good, and then we drop the ball. We get out of our routine, we aren’t shooting towards our goal, and then the inevitable happens. We begin to condemn ourselves. We feel like we should be further along than we are. We feel like we’ve fallen so far, that we just want to get back to where we were.

This happened to me in high school when I got so sick, all of my progress disappeared. I just wanted to get back to where I was health-wise. I just wanted to live a normal life. I didn’t want to be in and out of the hospital anymore. I kept comparing where I was to where I thought I should be. I was suffering because of that.


In this video, I explain what you can do to stop this behavior of trying to “catch up” to where you think you should be. If you feel behind in life, or feel like you should be somewhere where you currently aren’t, watch this video and find the release that you’re looking for.

I hope this allows you to feel grateful for where you are and move forward from where you currently are instead of always comparing yourself to where you should be.

The Beginning of Coaches Corner

"It was always me vs. the world. Until I found it's me vs. me." -Kendrick Lamar, "Duckworth" Coaches Corner is a section of my blog that I started where I highlight other life coaches and the Light they're spreading into the world. Coaches corner is an accumulation of...

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