Life isn’t linear– it’s ever expanding. We think of life as going from A to B– from rich to poor, from unknown to known, from sad to happy. I’ve learned that life is anything but linear.
It’s more of a circle that’s always growing.
Imagine you are in the middle of the circle, and everything else that encompasses the ring of the circle is all that you consist of– your experiences, your relationships, your worldviews. The circle is always in a state of expansion, with no event being more important than another. Your inner-self provides everything that fills and expands your circle. Every time you grow, you’re not learning or discovering anything new, it’s merely a revealing of your perfect ever-evolving inner self. Understanding this has changed my life in a few different ways.
1. I No Longer Judge People:
Since I believe that everyone is in an always incomplete yet perfect evolving state, it’s given me the wisdom that people are never “better than” someone else. We’re all just growing at the paces that we’ve set for ourselves. Knowing that has changed my relationships with everyone. In times where my self-esteem is low, I remember that we always know what we need to know when we need to know it. I remember that my circle is expanding at the rate that it’s supposed to, and at any given time I could develop it more. Every opportunity is a moment to expand your circle. Every relationship, every event, every moment, we can tap into our infinite knowledge and figure out more about ourselves, discover our true essence.
2. It Humbles Me:
I now know that my knowledge isn’t mine. That everything I hear in my mind is a divine connection between my inner self and me. Discovering that has shown me that transcending isn’t the process of becoming a god, but instead, it’s a furthering of my relationship with the spirit. Every time I write, I don’t know where the words come from, they don’t come from my own mind, I’m a vessel for something greater that’s talking through me. I’m never in a state of convincing others through writing or talking anymore. I’m expressing what my inner self is telling me. Understanding that my greatness doesn’t come from me makes me grateful instead of boastful.
3. I No Longer Compare Myself to My Future or Past
Seeing my life as ever-expanding instead of as a tier system has gotten rid of the judgment I place on myself by comparing myself to past and future versions of myself.
Before I would tell myself, “by next year…”, or “dang, last year I was…now I’m…” I no longer do that. I’m no longer upset when I don’t reach goals because the only goal I have is to expand my inner self. There’s never a goal worth reaching that doesn’t have to do with the expansion of your inner self because that’s the ultimate goal we all want. Our inner self is love, and when we reveal that and spread it, everything else we want in life will come to us.

Figuring this out about life has made me feel way freer and fulfilled on a daily basis. I no longer stress about reaching benchmarks, I no longer judge myself or others, and I’m grateful for all the knowledge and everything else that comes my way through my inner self.

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