Spread Your Light Coaching with Bobby Foster

Acceptance, Vulnerability, and Expression.

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When we accept ourselves, even the darkest parts, we make room for compassion, kindness, and love to enter our life.


When we’re vulnerable, we allow ourselves to access our deepest truth.

Express Your True Self

Through the act of expression, we change the very fabric of our reality.

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life?

With my expertise in Whole Person Coaching, we’ll address what’s blocking you from where you want to be, enhance what’s working for you to get where you want to be, and integrate the Whole Person into the progress so you’ll feel fulfilled while you’re making progress. 

What Is Spread Your Light Coaching?

We all have a light inside of us.

The core essence of us is light. Inside of us, past our thoughts, past our emotions, through our insecruities, beyond our doubts, we are pure LIGHT.

What is our Light?

Our light is our presence. It’s our being. It’s our purpose. It’s our passion. It is the energy that connects us all.

How to tap into the Light

We must become aware of our present situation. Most of us operate in the past, or the future. Once we can ACCEPT our life situation and enter the present moment, we can access the Light.

What to do with the Light?

When we access Light, we access what powers and connects us all. When we act from this space, we act with enlightened action and create real meaningful change in our lives and others lives.

7 Life Hacks to Boost Your Confidence and Live In Light

Download this FREE guide, and gain the confidence needed to impact the world.

How To Know If Spread Your Light Coaching is Right For You

Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself to see if Spread The Light Coaching is for you.

Are You Willing?

A willingness to be open, vulnerable, and courageous is needed for coaching. You’ll be doing a lot of inner searching which requires those qualities. The payoff is immense.

Want to Accept All Aspects Of Your Life?

Is there a struggle within you causing you to feel shame, guilt, and blame? This is due to you not accepting something that has happened,  or is happening in your life. Learn to accept your life situation for what it is, to create room for compassion, kindness, and love to enter your life.

Want To Be At Peace?

Are you tired of living a chaotic life that seems to be getting you nowhere near fulfilled? In the space of my coaching, it will give you an opportunity to feel at peace with your current life situation, and you’ll learn how to hold that peace for future situations.

Want to Be Connected?

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. Through this coaching, you will find your tribe. You will find those that you resonate with, and want to create change with. You’ll find out who you can help, and how you can help them.

Want To Feel Loved?

We tend to look for love in all the wrong places? In this coaching space, you will find a deeper sense of love for yourself that will fuel and motivate you to make actions based on your values, that will make more love enter your life.

My Approach

When I was life coached for the first time 2 years ago, it transformed my life. I fell in love with being coached. Every week I would show up ready for the magical sessions.

Since I’ve become a coach, I’ve trained and practiced in the craft to be able to give others that same wonderful experience.

I do this by:

  • Readying myself spiritually before every session.
  • Listening intently.
  • Responding intuitively.
  • Creating personalized steps with you every session to make sure you’re moving forward in the best way for you.
  • Holding you accountable.
  • Creating action-steps for you to reach your goals.

By implementing this into my coaching, I look to recreate those magical moments I had when I first stepped into coaching myself.



How It Works

Step 1

Schedule a Free Consultation

In this 30 minute consultation, we will talk about what you want in life, and what you feel like is holding you back. By hearing that information, I’ll have a more specialized way in how I can help youj.

Step 2


Choose a Coaching Service

Based on what I hear in the consultation, I will recommend which one of my plans I feel is best, for you to get the results you want to see.

Step 3

Reach Your Goals

Through our sessions, I will help keep you on track so you can reach your goals.

Best life coach of all time! Absolutely game changing as far as his ability to see patterns and heal wounds that I didn’t even know existed. Bobby understands love and the lies we tell ourselves about love on such a meaningful level that he’ll blow your mind in 10 minutes or less. Guarantee you’re life will be changed even if you only speak to him once! 100% support everything he does!

Sam Tarell

CEO, Hoop Brothers

Having Bobby for a life coach truly did map out my life towards multiple positive directions. I am forever thankful for the experience. He was dependable caring and provided me with amazing insight, planning, advice, perspective and truly helped me learn a lot about myself.

Tallie Mervilus

Over time, through our sessions I learned how to believe in myself for the first time. I began to believe in my voice, heck even believe I even have a voice. In that process, I was able to open myself up and find my calling. Since that awakening, my life has changed to a degree I sometimes don’t recognize… for the first time I am okay with the process. I am making choices that reflect my truth and I am taking ownership of my life. I’m not bored anymore and I am excited to see what the future holds. 

Kristina Ross

Spread Your Light Coaching Consultation

In this 30 minute consultation, we’ll talk about what you’re going through and how my coaching services can benefit you. This is a great starting point if you have questions about what coaching is and how it can benefit you.


First Coaching Session Promotion

If it’s your first time working with me, your first session is only $15. One session can bring clarity, acceptance, and guidance into your life.


Discovery Session (Great Intro To Coaching Services)

In this 2-hour session, we will use a coaching tool to see where you are, and where you aren’t satisfied in life. We’ll engage the Whole Person and create an action plan on how to maximize your satisfaction in life.


12 Week Coaching Package (Recommended)

With 12 sessions of private 1:1 coaching, your life will transform. You WILL reach many different goals that you set. Your emotional, spiritual, and physical states will VASTLY improve. This is my most purchased and recommended package.

$175/month or $498