“Trying” isn’t a reality.

The way we see trying right now doesn’t make sense. We see it as the process of doing something. But in reality, we’re either doing something or we’re not. There’s never a process in “trying”.

We create this grey area so that we can convince ourselves that we’re working towards doing what we really want to do. But in reality, we’re just using the idea of “trying” as an excuse. It’s just one more way we can delay ourselves from doing what we really want to.

We usually do this out of fear. The fear of getting out of our comfort zones. The fear of not knowing what to do. The fear that we won’t be able to do what we want to. When we get in this state, sometimes we tell ourselves that we’re “trying”.

Now that’s not to say that there aren’t actions you can take to build yourself up to an action, but that means you aren’t “trying” to do the action. That means you ARE taking the action of preparing to do what you want.

If you pay attention to what you’re actually doing, it’ll even help out with where you are mentally. When we are in a process of “trying” we can beat ourselves up because we feel like we aren’t at the point to do what we want to yet and begin to judge ourselves for that.

The beauty here is realizing that we’re ALWAYS taking action, and that can be empowering. When we notice that every action we take is meaningful, we can see the meaning of the journey. But once again, this isn’t “trying”. This is taking action. When we’re aware of what we’re actually doing, we can better judge if it’s something we can get behind. If it is, then celebrate that action. If it’s something that you no longer want to continue, then stop that action.

No longer try. Just act. Witness your actions. Change your actions. Live.


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