Life coaching has changed my life; now I’m hoping it can change yours. Let’s take a trip, back in time.

The summer of 2016. I was depressed, and I felt like life had no meaning. I had what I’ve started to call, post-graduation depression. I’ve seen it many times now. When people graduate from college, depression can set in. Not knowing what to do in life, realizing that you have a responsibility to make a living can be a tough and paralyzing thought.

I didn’t know what I was going to do, and on top of that, I was dealing with my health issues because of cystic fibrosis. I needed a change.

Through something divine, I was introduced to my life coach, that I would work with for the next year and a half. She turned out to be one of the best life coaches I could’ve hoped for.

At the time, I was running a business that I hated, and a potential client wanted me to meet her at a book club event. I was happy to go because the book they were reading, The Secret, was a book that I loved and on top of that, I needed to make some money, which I thought would get rid of that depression I was facing. I wanted to feel successful.

The woman that was running the book club happened to be a life coach, and she sold me on setting up a consultation.

When I showed up for the consultation, she read my mind. She was telling me everything I wanted to hear– telling me that I could find peace, love, and joy in life. Telling me that I could make a living doing my writing and speaking. I couldn’t believe it. But I wanted to. I decided to work with her.

Over the next year, I would develop into a mostly happy, loving, and peaceful person. A drastic change from where I was a year before. I had released a book, album, and a merchandise line. I won an award for being an inspiration to the cystic fibrosis community. I had spoken in a couple of places and changed lives. My life looked completely different. Signing up with one of the best life coaches was the best decision I had made in my short but meaningful adult life. It allowed me to build a great foundation that I can rely on for the rest of my life.

Now that I’ve been through my sessions, I aspire to be one of the best life coaches I can be. Because of that, In this life coach blog, I want to highlight a few subjects you will learn about if you decide to work with a life coach.

What You Will Learn From a Life Coach

How to be Willing

You will learn this as you continue your life coaching, but it’s also a necessary quality to have when you start. One must be willing to go through the journey in self-growth and discovery. It’s a fascinating process, but sometimes it can be hard. The willingness is important because nobody can force you to do anything. Part of life coaching is reclaiming the power inside of you. If you’re leaning too heavily on your life coach, then you’re not going to reveal and strengthen your power inside of you. First of all, a good life coach wouldn’t let you become dependent on them anyway. Through the process of reclaiming your power, and learning how to love, you’ll naturally become more willing to tackle anything in your life— obstacles, passions, relationships. Everything you visualize can be yours.

How to Get Rid of Your Blocks

We don’t need to attain anything in this world; we just need to get rid of what’s blocking us from having them. Everything in the world is already at your disposal right now but thought process and beliefs that we have kept us from seeing it. Part of life coaching is identifying these blocks and getting rid of them. Understanding that all I could want is available to me now and that I was the one holding myself back from getting them is what helped me the most in my life coaching sessions that I had. Being able to connect dots on how my fear was keeping me from loving myself, or releasing poetry, or speaking, allowed me to be more willing to do it in the future. Your blocks are what blind you from seeing everything in front of you.

How to Love

Lastly, you will learn how to love yourself in life coaching sessions. The only thing that exists in this world is Love; everything else is an illusion of Fear. Understanding that Love is the key to everything a simple an idea, but very complicated to administer. We’re so caught up in Fear in so many ways that we don’t even understand that it takes a long time to unlearn what we’ve learned to be Love. Unlearn nasty habits that we’ve picked up that hold us back. Unlearn unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs about ourselves. Love is the ultimate vision to reach. One that life coaching will help you get to.


What do you think? Is life coaching something you’d be interested in? Have you been life coached before? Are you a life coach? What else do you want to learn about from this life coach blog? Leave comments below!

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