There are a lot of blogs, books, articles, and conversations out there that talk about where to find happiness. There a few things that have become a cliche, like you can’t find happiness outside yourself like you need to turn inside to find true happiness, but I believe what they mean has become skewed.

When I first started my spiritual journey, I found many books that talked about these two different ideas. They seemed fascinating and revealed a lot at first. I mean it made perfect sense. How could anything outside of myself make me happy? Everything is bound to fade, so what would cause me happiness in one moment could be gone the next, there couldn’t be permanent happiness in that, could there?

It made sense to me that since I would be the only thing that would be around in all my own life experiences, so in myself is precisely where I should try and find happiness. I’m the only constant in my life. We get told that finding true happiness comes from within, this is true, but where this complicated is that if true happiness is within, then we can find happiness in everything outside of us as well. The reason for this? Because nothing is truly outside of us.

What Does “Outside” Mean?

Everything “outside” of us is people, material possessions, anything that is not part of your body. This is what gets told to us a lot of the time. The truth is, these objects and people are all YOU. Let me explain with an example. The phone or computer you’re reading this on, everything that it is, is built on the thoughts and feelings YOU have about it. Your phone has a different existence to you, then it does to me because we bring two different histories and understanding and project it onto the device.

We live in a divided world, but the truth is we’re all unified. There’s no you AND me, there’s only US. Since you’re entire life experience; everything you see, everything you touch, everything you observe, is just you projecting yourself onto it, everything is YOU.

Knowing this, you now have a better understanding of exactly why you can find happiness “outside” of yourself because you ARE the happiness. You can project happiness into any situation that you would like. When you BE happiness, you’re not necessarily turning inwards to find happiness, you simply are happiness.

Where To Find Happiness

EVERYWHERE. If you find happiness somewhere, what it means is that you found it within yourself. A phone doesn’t have the power to give you happiness, but you have the ability to be happy and project it onto the phone. So the question you should ask yourself isn’t, “What makes me happy?” It should be, “What do I make happy?” We need to reclaim the power of creating our happiness because nothing else actually has that power, we’re just under the illusion that it does.

How to Manifest Happiness

The happier you are, the more situations that will pop up that make you happy. You have to understand that you create the happiness you’re seeking for. Become aware of that, and begin to project happiness onto as much as you can, and watch how your life completely changes.

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