Don’t believe the hype: Working hard isn’t where it’s at.

Everywhere you look, there’s a narrative that working hard will get you to where you want to be.

“No pain, no gain.”

This is a lie. Working hard just to be productive will only lead you to a life of working hard always waiting for the next reward to show up. There’s no fulfillment in that. No lasting happiness.

Trust me, I would know, I have been there. I used to have a mindset that if I could only work one more hour, or if I could only do this one more thing, or that extra thing, that would be the key to reach the next level. What I thought I was missing in my life was work ethic. What I realized is…

That mindset will never work.

The real key to getting to where you want to be in this life is clarity and inspired action.

You need to become real clear on what success feels like to you. If you don’t feel successful on the inside, you will never see the external rewards of success. If you don’t know your own worth on the inside, then it will never reflect outside of yourself.

Not only that, you won’t have the right inspiration to act on if you aren’t clear on what change you want to bring to the world. Effortlessness comes from the Universe giving you what you need to manifest the life you want. If you’re putting your focus on “getting” or “chasing” things and not serving, then the universe will continue to make you chase what you want.

The way you manifest whatever you want is you serve the highest good. You ask the universe what you can do to serve the highest good every day. It will put whatever you need in front of you in order for you to do it—resources, connections, whatever you need.

Working hard doesn’t get you the resources you need. Surrendering and serving do.

Whenever we are in a serving mindset, we’ll get whatever we need to do it. All of our passions come from serving others. We want to ease others pain, we want to elevate people’s frequency’s. Whether it’s through a product or a service, the aim should always be to make someone’s life more effortless in some capacity.

We’re here to heal. When we heal others, we heal ourselves. When we heal ourselves, we heal others. There’s a balance. You need to be doing both at the same time to become a master in whatever field you are in.

For example, I’m a transformation life coach, if I’m not being mentored myself as I’m doing mentoring, or vice versa, then I’m not a master, I’m either a student OR a teacher. In order to be a master, you need to be a student and a teacher at the same time.

Working hard won’t get you to mastership. Working hard won’t get you to your dream.



Watch life come to you.

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