Bobby Foster

Spread Your Light Life Coach (ACC Certified), Author, Spoken Word Poet, Speaker

What Journey Doesn’t Lead To The Right Place?

Hi, I’m Bobby. I believe that we all have a Journey. We all get pushed to turn inside and grow and heal. We all learn. We all return home and deliver what we’ve discovered.

My Story


The Beginning is Always Full of Fear

When I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, I was originally told that I’d die before I was a teenager. Because of that, I’ve always wanted to do something with my time while I’m alive.

Except CF always made that difficult. I didn’t know how I could live out my dreams, or do anything really, with CF. It seemed like every time I had something in mind, CF would get in the way. 


The Journey is Full of Challenges

I needed an outlet. I needed to find a way to get out my depression and anxiety.

I found out that I could do that through spoken word poetry.

Besides my chronic illness, I was going through a hard time in my life, because my father had passed away, and I was going through the biggest heartbreak of my life at the time.

Writing was my healing.

When it came to putting my work out there, I was terrified, I didn’t want people to have an inside view of my life.

But when I finally performed a poem in front of a live audience, here in Orlando, everything changed.

That’s when I truly gained confidence and understood how I could have an impact.

My poems began to move people to tears, and others came up to me and told me how my art was affecting them, I knew that I was onto something that was bigger than me.

Continuing to follow that passion, I taught myself how to use social media to have my poems spread like wildfire. On Facebook alone, my poems have grossed over a million views and have spread to even more people.

And that’s when I had a revelation that would change my life forever.

The Return Home Is Sweet

That’s when I decided that I wanted to help others turn inside to heal and grow. 

That led me on a separate journey that ended up in me becoming an ACC Certified Life Coach.

Tupac said, “I will spark the brain that will change the world.”

I follow that same process. My impact alone by turning inside and healing may not be the biggest, but if I can spark the soul whose message will heal a billion more people, then together, we can truly change the world.

That’s how I want to spend my time while I’m still here.

Spreading my Light.

Spreading Our Light.

Making The Journey of Light.

Let’s take a walk.


Highlights of my Journey