I’m Bobby Foster

Rapper, Spoken Word Poet, Life Coach (ACC Certified), Motivational Speaker, and Published Author

What Time Is The Best Time To Improve?



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Life is nothing but an expression of art.

The Time Is Now Life Coaching

Are you ready to change your life?


Motivational Speaking

The times when I’m in front of the audience and leave a room feeling empowered, healed, and ready to take on life, are my most favorite moments.

My Journey

Death and relationships have forced me into a life of introspection.

From that self-awareness, I realized that the best time to change is now.

In trying to understand and better myself, I’ve become a rapper, author, a spoken word poet, speaker, and a Life Coach (ICF ACC Certified).

The Future Is Looking Bright For Cystic Fibrosis

When I was born with CF, the life expectancy was in the teens. Now because of research, the average life expectancy is in the 40’s! You making a donationg for research will change not only my life, but everyone out there affected by CF.

Recent Blogs

A Practical Solution to Get into Flow

A Practical Solution to Get into Flow

What is Flow? Flow is the energy that runs our bodies. It’s the electricity in our system. It’s what makes our entire world run. Most of us believe that we have to create Flow. Most of us believe that being in Flow is difficult. I’m here to tell you something else....

The Contradicting Lesson I Learned About Success

The Contradicting Lesson I Learned About Success

We all want to be successful, and success means different things to different people. We look for success in relationships, in jobs, in anything. However, many find themselves coming up short to what they would deem "successful". When this happens, we usually aim...

The Bizarre Truth About “Trying”

The Bizarre Truth About “Trying”

"Trying" isn't a reality. The way we see trying right now doesn't make sense. We see it as the process of doing something. But in reality, we're either doing something or we're not. There's never a process in "trying". We create this grey area so that we can convince...