Judgment is a drug that a lot of us are addicted to. There’s a voice in our head that is continuously on, and we don’t know how to turn it off. IT’s always judging. It’s judging ourselves, it’s judging others, it’s the legal system of our minds.

Because of our past experiences, and other people’s opinions that we’ve picked up over time, we’ve created this voice in our head that is continuously judging ourselves and others, based off of the rules and guidelines we feel we should follow to live a “perfect” life.

What this voice does, is it makes it really easy to point a finger and put blame on someone else, to judge someone else. What we think that does for us, is we think it takes all the anger, frustration, sadness, whatever bad emotion we’re feeling and puts it onto the person we’re judging, but in reality, all it does it call up more of those feelings inside of us. We can’t transfer feelings from ourselves to others no matter how much we may try.

So, what do we need to do to enhance our journey? Respect other people’s journeys. We need to learn that everyone else’s journey is just as important as our own.

Even if we get to a place where we find ourselves not judging ourselves as much, if we’re judging everyone outside of us instead, we’re really just judging ourselves without even knowing it.

For example, if I judge someone for who they voted for politically, all I’m doing is making it okay for people to judge me and for who I voted for politically. I’m perpetuating a cycle. Even if you disagree with someone else’s journey, you have to respect it. That doesn’t mean you need to compromise your own morals to respect someone else’s journey, but you’ll find your true morals will be respected when you respect other people’s journeys.

The quickest way to align yourself to your purpose and your journey is to stop judging!

You can do this in multiple ways, but I’ve found it easiest to stop judging by becoming aware. When I notice myself being judgmental, I hold a space of forgiveness and compassion for myself, recognize that I’m in the wrong, no matter if I agree or disagree with who I’m judging, and change my perspective.

Judgment won’t get us anywhere. If I find myself judging someone else because I strongly disagree with them, I try to hold a space of kindness and compassion for them as well, because if they’re doing something to hurt someone else, it’s because they’re in pain themselves, and they’re just spreading what they know.

Get into a place of nonjudgment and watch how much your journey progresses.



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