Begin Your Journey of Light

Gain clarity and no longer be afraid of living out your purpose.


The Journey of Light Process


The first step is to find your Light, meaning your inner voice, your inner guide,  which may be blocked by past traumas, current ways of thinking, perspectives, and beliefs. Once we discover our Light there’s no looking back. We’ve found our Truth.


The second step is to take what you learn and utilize it in all parts of your life. It’s time to become whole. When we connect all parts of ourselves, we gain the confidence needed to live our lives fully and unapologetically.


Lastly, through the act of expressing your Light, you take the Discovery and Integration work you’ve done and give to the world to create meaningful and lasting change, not just for yourself, but for others. You do this through sharing what brings you joy, healing, and growth.

Is This Process For You?

Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself to see if Spread Your Light Coaching is for you.

Are you confused on the next step to take?

We all have been in a place in life where we don’t know what to do next in our lives. 

This program will help you gain clarity by turning inside and teaching you to listen to what your intuition is saying. 

You’ll never doubt yourself again.

Are you being held back from fulfilling your dreams?

There is a multitude of obstacles that may be holding you back from reaching your dreams. 

But in this Journey, you’ll find out how to overcome any obstacle you may be facing, by understanding that the obstacle itself IS they way to overcome.

Are you struggling with your money situation?

Our money situation is one of the biggest areas that usually causes us stress. 

This Journey will show you how to make money by tapping into your True talents and bringing them into the world. 

This isn’t about wishing money into existence, it’s about Discovering, Integrating, and Expressing your talent and seeing the benefit monetarily from doing so.

Do you have a lack of trust?

It takes trust to create anything in this life.

By being consistent in your effort over the 3 months of this Journey, you will restore trust in yourself and be able to achieve whatever you put your mind and energy into.

Has anxiety taken over your life?

Most of us that don’t know where to go in life feel anxious. 

During your Journey, you’ll learn to allow your anxiety to exist, and yet, still be able to engage in a life that you want to live. 

What Will The Journey of Light Do For You?

In Spread Your Light Life Coaching, you will begin a Journey of Light to discover and embody your Truth. This means you’ll take action on your dreams and passions, enter into healthy relationships, heal past and current wounds, gain new perspectives, approach the world with intention, and most importantly live a life that brings joy to you. 

The Results You’ll See Along Your Journey Include:

Understanding the beauty of letting go and surrendering, and learning how it’s the only way we can receive.

Knowing how to meditate and judge yourself less.

Realizing why you should always do what you WANT not what you SHOULD.

How to find balance in all areas of your life.

Raising your overall satisfaction in every part of your life.

Following your intuition so that all your actions align with your values and Truth.

The ability to check in with your self and understand what you need to recognize fulfillment.

What to Expect

With Spread Your Light Coaching you will begin your Journey of Light.

During this process, I will guide you by providing a space where you can be 100% your True self.  This will help you Discover, Integrate, and Express your Light. In doing so, you’ll be able to bring out the best parts of your Self to completely change your life.

During this Journey, you will be doing the work necessary to create a life you’ll love to live. The weeks and months will be filled with epiphanies and revelations, by listening to your intuition and truly engaging in your True path.

This will all happen by the space created in our coaching sessions, the work you do in between them, and the continued effort after this Journey comes to an end. 

When this Journey ends, another one begins. But because of the effort you’ll put into this program, you will have clarity on what you need to do to continue living and creating a life of joy.

I will help you in this Journey by:

  • Readying myself spiritually before every meeting.
  • Listening intently.
  • Responding intuitively.
  • Enhancing what’s already working for you.
  • Co-creating personalized sessions with you to make sure you’re moving forward in the best way for you.
  • Holding you accountable.
  • Creating action-steps in line with the direction you want to head in life.
  • Constantly updating and creating videos and PDF guides to further help you in your Journey.
  • Providing journaling prompts, a surrendering exercise, and a meditation practice, which will become your new daily routine.
  • Weekly check-ins with yourself that will show you your progress, allow you to let go of what happened in the week prior, and get prepared for the week arriving.

Best life coach of all time! Absolutely game changing as far as his ability to see patterns and heal wounds that I didn’t even know existed. Bobby understands love and the lies we tell ourselves about love on such a meaningful level that he’ll blow your mind in 10 minutes or less. Guarantee you’re life will be changed even if you only speak to him once! 100% support everything he does!

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Sam Tarell

CEO, Hoop Brothers

Having Bobby for a life coach truly did map out my life towards multiple positive directions. I am forever thankful for the experience. He was dependable caring and provided me with amazing insight, planning, advice, perspective and truly helped me learn a lot about myself.
Tallie Mervilus

Over time, through our sessions I learned how to believe in myself for the first time. I began to believe in my voice, heck even believe I even have a voice. In that process, I was able to open myself up and find my calling. Since that awakening, my life has changed to a degree I sometimes don’t recognize… for the first time I am okay with the process. I am making choices that reflect my truth and I am taking ownership of my life. I’m not bored anymore and I am excited to see what the future holds.

Kristina Ross

When Will You Start Your Journey of Light?

3-Month “Journey of Light” Coaching Program 

A transformative 12-week coaching program. You will see tremendous growth and clarity. Your emotional, spiritual, and physical states will vastly improve.

This package comes with:

  1. 2-Hour “Foundation” Session 
  2. 11 1-1 Private Sessions. (Weekly)
  3. 24/7 Email Access (I’ll answer any of your questions as soon as I can)
  4. “The Steps of Your Journey” Guide (Daily Exercises)
  5. “Care Package” Sent To Your Home (Journal, Pen, Candle)
  6. Invite to Spread Your Light Facebook Group
  7. PDF Guide Bundle That Continuously Grows, Even After Your Coaching Is Over (You’ll ALWAYS Have Access)
  8. A Certificate When You Finish Your Journey of Light

$1050 or $400/month

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