Growing up, I didn’t understand what it meant to breathe. I didn’t know that breathing was the gateway to meditation. I didn’t know that breathing was a stress reliever. I didn’t know that breathing was a luxury. I didn’t know that when I got older, there would be a time where breathing would be a battlefield, and the hospital would have to send reinforcements for me to win.
Medication after medication. Surgery after surgery. Until one day, I could breathe again. See cystic fibrosis (CF) basically destroys your lungs. And in doing so, it destroys your gateway to ease. Breathing is what they tell women to do during birth. Breathing is what they tell someone to do during extreme pain. Well, what do you do when it’s the breathing causing you pain?
You turn towards anything that relieves it.
When I was at my worst, I turned towards food, sex, anything.
Now, I can say I turn towards more healthier alternatives. My prescribed medication, natural supplements, the gym, anything that is preventative. Because I learned it’s better to be prepared, then to battle.
When you’re sick, and you’ve already made good habits and bad habits, you’ll turn towards healthier alternatives to deal with the stress of not feeling well. This has been life altering for me.
This book “The Power of Habit” changed my life and showed me that our habits are essential.
Every breath is a blessing, and I want to be able to breathe for as long as I can without going to war again. I want to live in peace, but I need to be the peace I want to see in the world.
Maybe you’re going through some struggle in your life that in actuality are making worse. It’s hard to acknowledge that, but it could be the truth. Even though I suffer from a chronic illness, my lifestyle was my making my symptoms even worse. I had to take back control of my life and start to live a preventative lifestyle instead of a reactive one.
I hope you can also make the changes you need necessary so that you can breathe easily for the rest of your life, and have that life be long and prosperous.
Don’t fight when it’s too late, be prepared.

Follow these steps.

  1. Be aware of your problem.
  2. What do you do that feeds into the problem?
  3. Change your habits.
  4.  Live a life of abundance.

Four simple steps that allow you to live peacefully and let you catch your breath. Did this help you? If so leave a comment below.

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