The Truth About Instagram

Instagram is a platform known for it’s branded photos. It’s known as a place where people post the best parts of their lives. Honestly, it’s starting to come off as a little fake. People don’t know what to trust anymore. Are random bots liking their photos? Is the message they just received spam?

Maybe you have some of these same issues. I know I do.

This is where we can take advantage.

There are some features on Instagram that people don’t take advantage of, and it makes sense. There’s a lot you can do on Instagram from posting, to Stories, to liking and commenting on other people’s content. But here’s the secret:

The main way you should be spreading your message on Instagram is through Direct Messaging.

Since Instagram has become a platform filled with fake people, posts, and more, it’s on you to show your humanity. What better way to do this than by messaging someone and truly building a relationship?

It’s such a perfect way to truly introduce yourself and what you do to someone else. Here’s a story where someone sold me on their message by messaging me.

Initially, I was the one that reached out to them. They were a fellow coach and their page was amazing! I went into their inbox and told them as much. Then something happened that I wasn’t expecting. They sent back a voice message. A VOICE MESSAGE. This made their response feel even more personal to me. After that moment, I adopted that practice.

The moral of the story is, be as personable as possible. Send people voice messages, video messages, anything that makes you stand out from all of the fakeness that is so apparent on Instagram now. If you want to spread your message, you need to find ways to be human, here are some ways in which I’ve found you can do that.

Reply with Audio/Video

I already talked about this a little bit, but I wanted to emphasize and expand on it. The thrill someone receives when they get a personalized message will go a long way. You can do this by replying to someone’s Story with your own video. You can reply in a DM with an audio message. (This really works)

There are multiple ways you can go about doing this, and I recommend you adopt this practice.

(Here is some knowledge on how to use Instagram DM)

Comment With Something Specific

When you go through and comment on someone’s post. Don’t just say, “love this!” It’s okay to do that, here and there, but it would be a better habit to also add why you love it. Do you share a similar experience? Talk about it? Did it touch your soul? Add that in the comment as well.

The more specific you can be on why you resonate with the post, the better. This is also a great “in” to the purpose of this post, which is direct messaging.


Direct Message Mentioning Something Specific About Their Page

When you reach out to someone through direct message, mention something you specifically love about their page. Are you curious about something in their bio? Tell them about that post you just liked and commented on. Even better tell them through an audio message!

I hope the stories and tips in this post will help you build your audience and help you spread your message through Instagram Direct Messaging.!

Did these tips help you? Do you have any tips you want to offer? Comment below!

P.S. I find out the importance of Instagram Direct Messaging through Gary Vee. Check out this post by him!


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