Overcoming is something that I have had to do my whole life. When you’re born with a chronic illness, it seems that fighting it is in your DNA. When a diagnosis is in your life, there’s always this lingering feeling that you need to beat it and become better. Since that was drill into my head since I was a child, I’ve come to look at everything as an obstacle. It’s how I get my motivation. Sometimes I even create challenges when they’re not there, just because I only know how to live life when there are obstacles in front of me.

Turning anything into a challenge is something I’ve been working on getting over, and the irony in that statement isn’t lost on me. With all that being said though, through the process of overcoming so much when it’s come to my health, I’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks on how to deal with overcoming challenges in your life.


Be Clear on What the Obstacle Is

Often when we think we’re trying to overcome a challenge, we don’t even know what we’re really trying to overcome. For example, I was having family issues at one point, and I was trying to get over it. In actuality, the real problem I was having was with me and my friends’ relationship, and that was just bleeding into me and my families relationship. Sometimes we think something is the issue when in reality it’s something else entirely.

Try to pinpoint what you think the obstacle is that you’re trying to get over, that’s usually done by going to the next step, which is:


Found out the Feeling Behind It

All obstacles seem like obstacles because there’s an underlying feeling of unease, but what’s that being caused by? Doubt? Shame? Guilt? Blame? Who or what is making you feel this way? Usually, when everything in our lives is going wrong, it’s being caused by one crucial thing in our lives that we’re putting a bunch of emotional attachment into.

Going back to my example before, it turned out that the frustration I was feeling wasn’t coming from my family, but it was coming from my friend. That underlying frustration started to leak into everything in my life, and over time I was angry at everything. Me focusing on that frustration and trying to pinpoint where it was coming from led me back to my friend, and in the end, once we resolved what was going on there, my relationship with my family got better as well.


Let it Go

Once you identify the underlying feeling, the most important thing to do is let it go. Don’t try to solve it, don’t try to dismiss it, just release it to the Universe and let the Universe do its thing. Challenges are only challenges because we think they’re in our way from getting to our ideal destination. If we remember that we are merely vessels here that manifest our Inner Being’s wishes, then there’s no need to see a challenge as something to suffer through. Challenges are just signs that a lesson is on the way.

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