What will this guide do for you? Simple. It will have you reframe a question that you constantly ask yourself. “Why” me? “Why” did this happen? “Why?”

You’re taught that asking “why” helps us get to the bottom of what’s going on. But in reality, all it causes is defensiveness and justification. When you ask, “why?” What you’re really asking is for a justification that makes accepting what happened to you easier.

I want you to stop asking yourself, “why?”

Instead, I want you to ask, “what?”

I want you to ask, “how?”

When you change this simple question, your mind operates differently. Instead of searching for an answer, you open ourselves up to receiving an answer. You open yourself up for the Universe to give you the guidance and the knowledge necessary to really utilize everything in your life and put you in a state of resourcefulness.

I mean, see the difference for yourself.

“Why did this happen to me?”


“How did this affect me?”

“What about this situation worked for me?”

Do you see how it takes you out of the state of defensiveness and into the realm of curiosity?

Anytime you can enter a place of curiosity you should because curiosity is the gateway into loving thought.

When you’re curious, you allow yourself to explore, and you aren’t so caught up in defending or justifying anything. In essence, when you’re curious you kill your ego.

I mean you see this all the time in conversations. When you enter a conversation with curiosity, you ask interesting questions and are listening. When you ask why you make the other person defensive, and you yourself are looking for some type of answer, which then leads to an argument instead of a dialogue.

To change your relationship with the Universe, you simply have to change the question, “why?” to “what?” or “how?”

By doing this, you’re allowing the Universe to express itself. When you ask, “why?” You make the Universe respond back with defensiveness just like anyone else, and guess what? The Universe will respond by showing you why, probably in the form of even more hurt, until you learn your lesson. Simply by switching the question the manifestation of your external situations will change.

What I want you to do is try this for a week and notice how a lot changes. You’ll feel at ease. You’ll feel joyous. You’ll feel inspired.

Then after the week is over I want you to contact me at contact@bobbyfosterspeaks@gmail.comand I want you to share your story with me. We’ll celebrate your change in relationship with the Universe and keep the good energy going.

I hope you have a great day!

P.S. When you email me, don’t tell me “why” you’re doing so well, tell me “what” is going on that is so amazing, and “how” your life is better. Can’t wait to hear from you!






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