The ability to stay positive has nothing to do with only focusing on what’s good in your life. The ability to remain positive comes from how fast you can bounce back from being in a different state. It’s in the transfer of negativity to positivity that a miracle occurs.

We’re all going to be sucked into unhealthy behavioral patterns and mindsets. The skill and ability to go back into a loving mindset is what we need to focus on to stay positive.

A lot of people think that staying positive means dismissing all of the bad things that happen in your life, and that’s not true. Being positive means facing those negative situations, people, whatever it may be, and returning the negativity you get from them with an attitude of love. It’s about turning negative experiences into positive ones.

Staying positive isn’t weak. It’s not born from ignorance. It’s actually the opposite. It’s strong, and it takes a lot of understanding and know-how on how to do it properly. People that just focus on good things in life will only have half of their power. There is power in the “bad” situations in our lives. Not that we have to dwell in them and suffer, but ignoring the hurt and pain we go through doesn’t lead to a positive experience — it leads to a half-hearted one. There’s beauty and love in our hurt and we can’t ignore it.

This also doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t focus on the good in our lives. We definitely should, and we should feel grateful as much as possible. We need to see what’s in front of us. Sometimes that’s bad, and sometimes it’s good. When it is good, though, be grateful and thankful. When it’s bad, find a way to turn it into a positive.

What’s this hard situation trying to teach you? Why are you manifesting a hard situation? If you were placed into the difficult situation, why do you think you got there? Asking yourself these questions restore your power instead of victimizing yourself.

Lately, I’ve had to do this myself. I created a negative situation for myself when I began to promote everything I’m doing: my shirts, books, poetry, etc. I was so focused on getting sales that I lost the importance of the messages that I was trying to convey. Since I was seeing conversions as my measurement of success, and I wasn’t seeing any conversions, I became very negative. That situation was a great reminder and eye-opener for me, though. It showed me what was really important to me. Because even when the sales started to come in, that wasn’t the most fulfilling aspect of the process for me. The most fulfilling thing to me was the messages of hope and inspiration I was getting from other people who were being touched by my work. It was fulfilling to reflect on the process of being sucked into the monetary gain and pulling myself out of it to once again be positive.

We all can live positive lives, we just have to choose to be grateful. We have to choose to see things differently.

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