My vision for Words That Surround Your Soul is basically just as the title states; it’s my goal to use positive words to encourage everyone in such a way that their souls are encircled with an impermeable barrier to negativity. I want people to know they can survive their darkest moments because there is always a brighter horizon in the distance; we just have to focus on it.

Words was born after my own health crisis where finally I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after being in an untreated flare up for over two months. During that time my health declined rapidly and as I battled to find out what was going on, it was the constant encouragement from my family and friends that kept me looking for my own bright horizon. Once I began receiving treatment, it wasn’t long before God placed a strong purpose within me to help as many people as I can survive their own difficult times. He gave me the vision to see words encircling souls with walls of hope to block out pain and despair.

I use many different avenues to make my purpose come into fruition, from speaking to writing. I have four devotionals available on my website The poetry book is specifically geared towards giving back, so it is carried in a variety of health facilities in order to help anyone who needs encouragement. I’ve also penned a memoir about my experience called Embracing a New Normal, which is available on my website and Amazon. I’m continuing to evolve step by step, which has led to the birth of my new brand, Rhonie Says, which allows me to speak on a variety of topics that are meant to surround the soul with positivity.

I’m very excited to move forward my goal to surround souls one word at a time.


Rhonie is a licensed radiation therapist providing care to those battling cancer. She learned to embrace a new normal after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and uses the power of words to encourage others to see past their darkest day to a brighter horizon. She is the author of Embracing a New Normal, Words That Surround Your Soul devotionals, and a host of blog posts on her website Her hobbies include reading, photography, liturgical dance ministry, and eating sweets. Rhonie is the mother of two children and one granddaughter and she makes her home in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband of 19 years.


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