I’m Bobby Foster

“Spread Your Light” Coach, Published Author, Spoken Word Poet, and Speaker





Spoken Word

Life is nothing but an expression of art.


Spread Your Light Coaching

Accept where you are to live in your Light. Express it with the world, and be fulfilled in every aspect of life.


Writing is my purest form of communication.  Read my books and receive the insight I’ve gotten from the years of my spiritual journeying.

About Me

During my journey of overcoming life’s obstables. I’ve become an author, a spoken word poet, a speaker, and a Spread Your Light coach.
Now I want to help you find your Light, enhance your peace, and assist you in making an impact on the world.

The Future Is Looking Bright For Cystic Fibrosis

When I was born with CF, the life expectancy was in the teens. Now because of research, the average life expectancy is in the 40’s! You making a donationg for research will change not only my life, but everyone out there affected by CF.

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