I’m really excited to announce the beginning of a new section of my blog called “Coaches Corner”. My first guest, Cherie Cox, is an amazing life coach who works with empowered women, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to interview her. You can watch the video below. We talk about everything from what got her into coaching, how to practice mindfulness, and more!

Below are some questions I asked Cherie before the interview, so go ahead and read those responses as well. In the interview, we go more in depth on some of these questions and begin to give some practical advice on how to spread your light with the world, and how she does so by working with empowered women. Here, you can even read more about what message she’s trying to spread.

I would REALLY RECOMMEND signing up for Cherie’s “Empowered Women Rising Gatherings”. Read questions #3 to learn more about it. Check it out here if you’re interested.

If you don’t live in her local area, don’t worry, she also offers online coaching services.

Let us know what you think of the interview and remember, you can check out the podcast version here.

Please, reach out to Cherie if you would like to work with her!

1. What got you into coaching?

Coaching is something that fell into place for me. Life guided me to be a coach. I got into coaching after I went through a lot of healing, personal growth and development and realized how powerful we are when we tune into it and I knew I had to start helping others connect with the power within them.

2. What’s your favorite coaching experience?

My Empowered Women Rising Gatherings have been lighting me up. Once a month I bring together a small group of women to inspire and motivate each other. A space to share their journey, empower each other and connect on a soul level. This gathering is magical. The room is filled with so much love and strength.

3. What message are you trying to spread?

You are you for a reason. You have been gifted with this like as you for a reason. It is time to love yourself, be grateful for your journey and embrace all that has come your way. It is time to start living the life that you desire. The power is within you to do so.

4. Who do you really want to hear your message?

Women who are struggling, feeling lost and confused. Yet, they know they are here for so much more. Women who are ready to take action to stop standing in their own and start living, fully.

5. What got you inspired to spread that message?

When my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and then past away a year later. Seeing my Mom in pain and then passing away was life changing for me. I have done so much inner healing and I am happy to say that I found light in a very dark place. I am inspired to spread my message because I want to help others find their light when they feel like they are stuck in the dark.

6. When you hear “spread your light” what does that mean to you?

Spread joy, spread love, share who you truly are. The authentic, unapologetic you. We all have a message inside of us that is meant to be shared. Everything in your life has happened to help you learn, grow and expand into the magical being that you are. There is a light within us all that is here to shine. 

7. How are you looking to impact the world with this message? What’s your vision?

I see big things happening. My goal, my dream, the vision that I am bringing to life is going to help women around the world rise up into the women they are here to be and the life they’ve always dreamed of. 

8. If you had to tell someone something to inspire them, what would you say?

You are stronger than you think. You are more powerful than you know. Please know that you are always supported, guided and surrounded with unconditional love. 

9. What’s one thing someone could do today to act on your message?

Make a list of all the things you desire to call into your life. Get clear on how you want your life to look. Clarity is key!

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