I’m always in my head. Inside of it is a voice I can’t ever seem to shake. A voice of doubt. It’s always telling me I’m not good enough. Always saying I’m doing the wrong thing. And even if I know it’s not the wrong thing, it’ll still have me questioning if it’s the “right” thing. It’ll have me questioning if the action I’m about to take is in alignment. It’ll make me wonder if I’m following my values. It’ll say anything to make me feel uncomfortable with acting.

It wasn’t until I realized that I had an ability to be able to control this voice that I was able to live my life. This voice paralyzed me. It trapped me. I wasn’t able to move. Now, I’m able to act more freely. I’m able to be confident in my choices and walk this journey of life. Watch the video for the whole story on this transformation.

Why I Want To Be The Best Life Coach in Orlando

Collaboration over Competition I've always been a competitive person. That competitiveness has drawn me to want to be the best at what I do. I want to be the best coach, the best writer, and the best poet. That competitive nature has always been inside of me, probably...

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