The world is an unfair place. It’s true. There are prejudices, injustices, sicknesses and more that make the world an uneven playing field.

This is something that I’ve had to discover being a black, chronically ill man, in America. I’ve heard, and have partaken, in many conversations about what it means to be oppressed. I’ve heard many people blame their bosses, spouses, government, environment, and practically anything else for their suffering in life.

And I’m not here to dismiss any of that.

What I am here to do is to offer a new way to perceive life that leaves out blame and allows you to manifest a life you’d love to live—a practical way to acknowledge what’s making you suffer, but kick-ass in life anyway.

It all has to do with perception.

When it comes to The Law of Attraction and manifestation, our perception is everything.


Our perception is our power.

What we focus on is what we attract. What we focus on becomes a reality.

Now this isn’t to say that with your perception the things that are working against you in your life will just fade away, but what I am saying though is, no matter who you are, or what you’re going through, what you give power to will manifest into your life.

On a grand scale, this is why we have so many people suffering in our world. The majority of people give power to what is causing them suffering, which just leads to more suffering.

I have a chronic illness called cystic fibrosis. With that illness comes horrible symptoms like having a hard time breathing, sinus headaches, and stomach pains, it’s a very serious disease. Many people with it are hospitalized regularly. With advances in modern medicine the average life expectancy is now in the early forties.

I’ve learned many lessons in life because of CF. Especially those concerning perception.

One thing that I’ve had to realize is that even on my worst days, I cannot allow myself to focus on the pain that arises in my body. Why? Because EVERYTHING then becomes pain.

My mind starts to race and then my thoughts turn into painful ones.

I begin to complain and become depressed and that reflects in my relationships, and then those become painful.

When I focus on pain, what do I get? Pain.

Now I’m not one for just pushing things to the side and ignoring them. I don’t believe in suppression of thoughts, or feelings. What I’m proposing isn’t a dismissal of reality, what I’m suggesting is a switch in perception.

For example, when I’m sitting in pain instead of thinking, “This sucks, I’m dying right now.”

I say, “I’m in the healing process. My body is keeping me alive.”

This change was a miracle in my life. It didn’t just stop with my health, I changed this perception about everything. Now when something may not look like it’s going the way I want in the moment, instead of saying something like, “My life is ruined.” I say something like, “This is preparing me for something greater.”

This change of language has changed everything for me. How did it happen?

I’ve switched my perception from my physical body, to my spiritual essence.

My physical body can be in pain. My physical body can have a hard time breathing. My physical body can suffer.


The Universe inside of me cannot. The Universe inside of me replenishes my strength. The Universe inside of me heals me. The Universe inside of me protects me.

When I shift my perception to the Universe, I manifest the reality that I want when I’m sick, which is to heal, which is to rejuvenate.

The Universe is the Truth, and what is not the Truth will fade away. Only the Truth stands the test of time.

The answer to how we regain our power when there’s something in our lives tearing us down is to realize that NOTHING can tear down the relationship between ourselves and the Universe.

Anytime you want something, turn towards the Universe. The Universe will have all the answers you will ever need if you surrender and listen.

Not only that, if we focus on what’s outside of us and say, “this disease is crippling me, this person is destroying me, this job is sucking my energy,” what we’re inherently doing is saying that those things have power over us. We’re handing our power away through our blaming and complaining.

The world is an unfair place. It’s true. Hopefully, one day the world will be as loving and as caring as the Universe is, but in order to get there, we need to reestablish the connection we have with the Universe and nurture it.

The nurture you’re looking for outside of yourself, is available AT ALL TIMES, you’re just looking in the wrong place. You’re just putting your focus and perception on something that COULD NEVER fulfill you in the way that you want.

How could it?

YOU have the power. YOU have the healing.

We place blame on others in reality because we are placing blame on ourselves for not being able to provide for ourselves what we wish. Stop blaming, and start surrendering. When you feel the world is against you and want to complain about it, stop, and instead turn inwards and tell the Universe your grateful for the healing that’s about to come, that you’re grateful for the blessing that’s about to come, that you’re grateful for the change about to come.

When we surrender instead of blame, we put our focus on growth and healing instead of the immediate pain that’s in front of us.

The Law of Attraction and manifestation are about being on a high frequency. Blaming takes us out of that state.

When you feel like blaming, remember that it’s taking you out of True Manifestation.

When you surrender, you’re getting on the highest frequency possible to manifest what you want in life.

Don’t blame, surrender.

This is a practical way that, right now, you can change what you’re manifesting for the better.

After you try this out, contact me and tell me your story. Did it help? Do you have anything to add that can make this tactic even better?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Happy manifesting!

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