“It was always me vs. the world. Until I found it’s me vs. me.”

-Kendrick Lamar, “Duckworth”

Coaches Corner is a section of my blog that I started where I highlight other life coaches and the Light they’re spreading into the world.

Coaches corner is an accumulation of lessons I’ve learned along my spiritual journey.

When I was growing up, I learned that if I wanted to make it in the world, I’d have to do it on my own. Yes, my parents always talked about how teamwork was important, but still, it was always important to be the best on the team.

Growing up, my idols were always the best at their craft. They stood out from the crowd. I began to learn that if I wanted to mean something in this world, I’d need to stand out.


But, when I graduated from college, I was still operating from this mentality. I was thinking to myself, “how can I make it? How can I get to the top?” I became really self-absorbed. Everything was about me.

The funny thing is, that I convinced myself that wasn’t true, because what I was trying to do dealt with helping other people, but the truth was, I was only helping other people so I could make something of myself.

Because of this, I had business deals go bad, and I’ve had friendships go sour, all because I was self-centered and just thinking about myself.

It wasn’t until recently, that I broke out of this mindset completely because of a few lessons I’ve learned.


Enlightenment Doesn’t Have To Do With Being The Best

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for around 5 years now. It all started when my dad died. When that happened, I wanted to turn my life around. So I began reading. I read Buddhist texts, Course in Miracles texts, The Alchemist, you name it. I read practically every popular self-help book and more.

All of this reading taught me important lessons, but the biggest thing it taught me is that enlightenment has nothing to do with being special.

I had this idea that I wanted to reach enlightenment as soon as I read about it. When I heard about it, it sounded like the greatest thing in the world. This place with no worries, where everything seemed meaningful, where there was no suffering. It was this mystical place that I was trying to reach.

I found all of that to be only partially true.

I learned that enlightenment means joining with everything and everyone, not separating and being “special” or “better than”. This perspective changed everything for me.

Because of this, I wanted to start a community. I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to start. Over time, it manifested into Coaches Corner among more things. But none of those would’ve happened without the next thing I learned…


How We Do Things Matters More Than What We Do

The “how” is more important than the “what” or the “why”.

How we go about things is what gives us power. There’s meaning in how we do things.

Because of this lesson, when it came to the community I wanted to start, I knew it was more important how I went about creating it that mattered.

I wanted to have a space of peace, love, joy, acceptance, vulnerability, and expression.

These are values that I operate out of that mean the world to me. Other life coaches also usually share these values, so I knew I wanted them involved in some capacity.

Then I learned another lesson that changed everything forever.


Collaboration Over Competition

There are times in life where we hear something a million times before we truly REALLY hear it. That’s the case when my friend, Sam Tarell, said this to me.

“Collaboration over competition”

When he said that, something just clicked inside of me. I realized that my whole life I’ve been fighting others to the top, instead of teaming up with others so we can all get there.

When I heard this advice, I began to operate completely different. Almost immediately, I began to team up with others to get things done.

That’s when “Coaches Corner” was born.

I wanted to team up with other coaches to give people the best advice on how to find peace, love, joy, acceptance, vulnerability, and how to express themselves.

With that space being held, I’m hoping that myself and other coaches will be able to create some meaningful change in others.


If coaching is something you may be interested in and would like to talk one-on-one with me on something you’re going through and how my coaching can help, you can do that here.

Make sure you check out Coaches Corner posts as they become available!

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